scar camouflage &

mca needling


Scars, burns & stretch marks on the body and face can leave us feeling body conscious and lacking confidence. Scar camouflage & MCA needling are two treatments that can help reduce the appearance of unwanted scarring. 


What is MCA Needling?

MCA needling also known as dry needling involves the art of dry tattooing.  Dry tattooing help reduce the appearance of unwanted scars, burns or stretchmarks . The process promotes the growth of new collagen in your skin, encouraging your skin to heal itself, which reduces the appearance of  scars & stretch marks.  

Collagen is a protein that help gives our skin strength and elasticity.

 Scars on your body take 6-9 months to naturally heal and slightly longer on the face. 

Most scars can be treated with MCA. needling as long as they are not red or pink and have naturally healed.

Scar camouflage 

Scar camouflage  is a long-term solution for camouflaging

scarring. This is achieved by transferring pigment into the scar tissue.  

Scars that appear lighter than the skin are ideal for this treatment as a semi permanent pigment can be implemented in to the skin to reduce the look of the scar on the face or body.  All pigments will be custom blended to match your skin tone along with a range of needles to recreate a camouflage of the skin.  A pointillism technique is used similar to scalp micro pigmentation .

Results can last between 1 - 2 years depending on a number of factors and then top ups are required to maintain the colour.

is my scar right for MCA needling & Scar camouflage?

is my scar suitable?

Know your scars

​Not all scars benefit from this type of treatment. Scars that benefit from MCA needling and Scar Camouflage are scars that are lighter than the surrounding skin tone. Scars that are discoloured such as red or purple, raised or Keloids, and scars that are less than 1 year old are not suitable. Certain Skin types are also not suitable for scar camouflage.

For best results, scars must be 

  • At least 1 year old

  • Not have any redness

  • Appear paler than your natural skin tone


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